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What's the process for getting Permanent Makeup?

Posted on September 14, 2016 at 5:00 PM

What is the process for getting Permanent makeup?

First things first. It’s a little scary, it’s a tattoo on your face, right?

Yes it is, so research and find the best artist for you. Check reviews and photos of their work carefully. Having a detailed consultation is the way any good artist will start. Being on the same page with your artist will make the experience way more comfortable for you. This is how I begin. At the consultation appointment I will sit down with you and assess your face and area of your specific procedure. I then will ask you to explain how you would like to see your enhancement. After a clear picture is painted we will start actually “painting” or drawing the design on the face. This could take as short or as long of time as it needs to make you feel comfortable with the process and going forward. After the consultation you can book an appointment with your artist or continue your research and meeting artists until you find one you are comfortable with.

2nd Part of the process.

This could be the same day or a different day depending on appointment type. You will fill out some medical forms, show proof or ID (18 years or older.) and have and before picture taken for records or otherwise as determined with artist. Now the real fun starts. (If this is a “same day procedure appointment” as consultation your artist started with disinfection and you will skip the next step) First your artist will cleanse your skin, dry and draw on a design for your enhancement (in some cases such as eyeliner or lash enhancement this may have been discussed and skipped). Once this is perfected to your standards and the color choice is made. It’s SHOW TIME!

You will then get comfy on the table/bed. Looking around to make sure everything is clean and sanitized packages are being used in your procedure. ASK questions to make sure proper sanitizing procedures are in place to protect you. The procedure will likely begin with your artist washing their hands and setting up their machine. A quick pass over the area will be done and a numbing cream/gel will most likely be applied. Did it hurt? YOWZERS!! More than likely with the first pass you will feel some discomfort (as previously discussed this is a TATTOO!) There will likely be 1 to 3 passes over the areas. Each pass getting a little more comfortable as the numbing is starting to kick in. Once your technician is comfortable finishing their artwork you will be shown the mirror for any type of perfecting techniques that will be discussed. After the perfection process you will get to see the result of your enhancement. At this point I give my guests icepacks to hold over the area to reduce swelling and let’s face it they feel amazing.

Next and final steps to finish up the 1st section of the process is to go over the aftercare instructions carefully with your artist and ask any questions that you may have for them about your healing. Your artist will then take an after photo for their records. (And anything else that was previously discussed with a photo release form.) Well that's it (for now) easy peasy, right? I try to check in with my clients in around 1 week to see how things are healing. When approaching the 4 weeks post procedure time comes I will be in contact to schedule a touchup appointment if needed. This appointment is done ideally 30 -60 days after initial procedure. You can expect the touchup appointment to be a breeze now that your a pro!! 

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